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By Michael Anissimov

This advisor explores the arguments opposed to democracy. Democracy is frequently considered as a compulsory approach for any civilized state, yet there's a compelling case, drawing on economics, political concept, and cognitive psychology, that says another way.

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The country focused on the most in this book will be the United States, as it is the largest and most successful democracy in the world. The Science and History of Leadership Chapter Two In contrast with democracy, rule by the many, is dictatorship or oligarchy, rule by the few. In this chapter we examine the evolutionary history of leadership among primates and how it transformed over time. Primates evolved cooperating in hierarchical groups with a pecking order, the “dominance hierarchy”. A living example of an ancestral-style Homo sapiens dominance hierarchy would be the “Big Man” system in Melanesia and Polynesia, where dominant men take key roles and occasionally challenge each other for position.

There is not substantial agreement on whether this was a mass movement or colonization by an elite, but genetic studies of haplogroup R1a1a seems to suggest that much of Europe has a high incidence of genes that are prominent in the Pontic steppe area to the northeast of the Black Sea. So, the Kurgan hypothesis is corroborated by genetic evidence. The Indo-Europeans had certain genetic and cultural adaptations which made them well-suited to success and expansion in the environment of late Neolithic Europe (4000-3000 BC).

The partisans of that view promote a given national tone and repudiate contradictions to it. Both liberals and conservatives attempt to set a tone to define what it means to be an “American”, but of course these definitions often conflict. Every nation will be composed of competing parts. Middle class and lower class, northerners and southerners, easterners and westerners, young and the old. The question is whether those parts can cooperate together to create a nation. In America in particular, the “Red States” and “Blue States” have been drifting apart on many issues over the last two decades.

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