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To Honor The Gods Amid Treachery and DeathFrom all over the place, they've got come to the capital urban of Waset for the opulent dinner party of Opet-- sovereigns and supplicants, the pious and proud, collecting for the eleven-day-long revelries. whereas greeting associates and fellow Medjay officials on the bustling harbor, Lieutenant Bak is distracted by way of foul homicide, the invention of the physique of a Hittite horse dealer, his throat savagely reduce. Bak has no authority to enquire what can be a uncomplicated subject of Hittite politics -- until eventually comparable murders take place in the sacred precinct of the Lord Amon. even though this urban isn't really his personal, Bak eagerly concurs to help within the research. yet his made up our minds look for connections embroils him in a terrifying conspiracy that issues to the court docket of Queen Hatshepsut herself. Untold others could be becoming a member of the ranks of the lifeless earlier than the villain is completed -- with Lieutenant Bak numbered between them.

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Kasaya nodded, satisfied with a task he must have known was unnecessary. ” “While you sort the documents . ” Bak saw Meryamon closing on the people ahead. “. . I’ll be searching out 50 Lauren Haney Woserhet’s scribe. ” Meryamon moved up close to a man with fuzzy red hair. Briefly the two walked side by side. Whether they spoke to each other, Bak was unable to tell. He could not say exactly why, but he thought they did—and he could have sworn the priest passed something to the other man before quickly moving on.

Movement could be seen at the large, south-facing pylon gate being built by Maatkare Hatshepsut into the tall, crenellated wall that surrounded the sacred precinct. About half completed, the two towers rose slightly above the lintel recently placed over the doorway. The facades of both towers were hidden behind long, broad 26 Lauren Haney ramps made of mudbricks and debris up which materials were transported. Bak spotted the glint of gold and the white kilts of several men exiting the distant gate, holding high the royal standards.

I doubt he’s the kind of man to garb another man in bright, sensational colors without due consideration—or some kind of proof. I admit I don’t know him well, but he seemed far too cautious, too sensible. As is Mai. ” The sharp blast of a distant trumpet pierced the air, announcing the lord Amon’s departure from his earthly home. All eyes turned north toward Ipet-isut, and the many voices grew quiet, anticipatory. Movement could be seen at the large, south-facing pylon gate being built by Maatkare Hatshepsut into the tall, crenellated wall that surrounded the sacred precinct.

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