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By David Seddon

This reference quantity is the definitive advisor to the economics and politics of the center East. It offers transparent definitions detailing phrases, thoughts, names and organisations utilized in relation to present fiscal or political opinions within the heart East. Entries outline, clarify and provides additional correct details on nations, areas, ethnic teams, political events, firms, regulations and disputes.

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Some of its members were integrated into the army in operations against the GIA—Groupe islamique armé (Armed Islamic Group). In February 1998 four other armed Islamist groups—the Ansar Battalion, the Mawt Battalion, the ar-Rahman Battalion and the Islamic League for Call and Jihad joined the truce announced by the AIS in October 1997. A-Z 25 Aix-les-Bains Conference Took place in August 1955 to discuss the future of Morocco. The French delegation of five ministers was led by Prime Minister Edgar Faure.

Aoun continued to criticize the Syrian presence in Lebanon from exile in France after 1991. Aqaba, Gulf of The Gulf of Aqaba is an arm of the Red Sea that runs along the Sinai to the west and the Saudi Arabian shore to the east. It terminates at a point where Israel and Jordan come together at the southernmost extent of the Negev Desert. The Israeli port of Eilat and the Jordanian port of Aqaba face each other across the Gulf. Commanding the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba, on the south-western tip of the Sinai, is Sharm esh-Sheikh, which was occupied by Israeli forces during the war of 1956 before they withdrew when a UN peace force was interposed between them and the Egyptian forces.

The Amu Darya was accepted by Russia as the northern boundary of Afghanistan, where Britain had given support to Emir Sher Ali, the Afghan king, in 1873. This was officially confirmed in 1887. The Bolsheviks acknowledged the Amu Darya border in 1920 and the Afghan-Soviet Treaty of 1946 again proclaimed its significance, applying the thalweg (middle channel) principle of international law to the boundary. Anfal campaign The campaign against the Kurds waged by the Iraqi regime in 1988, during which poison gas was used on cities, including Halabja.

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