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By Ellis Peters

Eventually, Brother Cadfael's many enthusiasts can become aware of the chain of occasions that led him into the Benedictine Order! Lavishly illustrated, those 3 stories convey Cadfael on the top of his sleuthing shape. "Three vintage tales that includes Brother Cadfael . . . whose powers of deduction are virtually miraculous".--Booklist.

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Which of them? ” “No,” said Cadfael simply. “Do your own divining. ” Roger’s face had turned grey. He was hearing again the plan unfolded so seductively in his ear. “You cannot leave me so! If you know so much, for God’s sake return with me, see me safely home, at least. ” “No,” said Cadfael again. ” It was fair, he considered; it was enough. He turned and went away without another word. He went, just as he was, to Vespers in the parish church, for no better reason or so he thought then than that the dimness within the open doorway beckoned him as he turned his back on a duty completed, inviting him to quietness and thought, and the bell was just sounding.

We have received news of desolating import. His Grace with the greater part of his fleet made the crossing to England safely, as is known, but the Blanche Nef, in which His Grace’s son and heir, Prince William, with all his companions and many other noble souls were embarked, put to sea late, and was caught in gales before ever clearing Barfleur. The ship is lost, split upon a rock, foundered with all hands, not a soul is come safe to land. ” So that was the end of one man’s year of triumph, an empty achievement, a ruinous victory, Normandy won, his enemies routed, and now everything swept aside, broken apart upon an obstinate rock, washed away in a malicious sea.

Whatever the cause, judgement was given for the abbey. Cadfael presented himself before the lord he was leaving barely an hour after the verdict was given. “My lord, your suit is concluded, and my service with it. ” Roger sat sunk in gloom and rage, and lifted upon him a glare that should have felled him, but failed of its impact. “I misdoubt me,” said Roger, smouldering, “how you have observed your loyalty to me. ” He bit his tongue in time, for as long as it remained unsaid no accusation had been made, and no rebuttal was needed.

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