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By Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

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This booklet explores the interface among syntax and the opposite parts of the grammar, particularly phonology, morphology, and argument constitution. the writer proceeds via a attention of case experiences, similar to clitics and intricate predicates (auxiliary and modal verbs) in Romance, grounding theoretical research in consistent exemplification.

An Introduction to Old Frisian: History, Grammar, Reader, Glossary

This is often the 1st textual content e-book to supply a accomplished method of previous Frisian. half One starts off with a succinct survey of the historical past of the Frisians in the course of the center a while, their society and literary tradition. subsequent persist with chapters at the phonology, morphology, be aware formation and syntax of outdated Frisian. This half is concluded via a bankruptcy at the outdated Frisian dialects and one on difficulties in regards to the periodization of Frisian and the shut courting among (Old) Frisian and (Old) English.

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In the next section, we propose a change in the denotation assigned to intentional As, analyzing them as kind-level constructions. 3. 1 Conflating intentional and relative As A long tradition going back to Bolinger (1967) grouped under the same heading As like former, alleged, and As like national, chemical. All of them were supposed to be unable to occur after the copula, as syntactic predicates: (8) a. b. rural policeman alleged murderer a’. b’. *The policeman is rural. *The murderer is alleged.

Relative As and intentional As also show important differences. There are many properties which relative As share with ordinary qualifying As. Of these, we mention the following: 1) Lack of scope. Intentional As yield stacked readings, as shown by the difference between (11a) and (11b). In contrast, Relative As (in (12)) do not produce stacked readings, but intersective readings, behaving exactly like the qualifying As in (13). (11) a. tânăr fost ministru ≠ ‘young former minister’ ≠ (12) a. literatura romantică engleză = ‘English Romantic literature’ = (13) a.

Possibly false expletives in other languages The relevant properties involving você in BP existential clauses reinforce Kayne’s (2006) view concerning the nature of existential expletives in languages like English, French and Italian. According to Kayne, the version of there in English existential clauses is not a true expletive. The same idea includes the categories il and y in French, and ci in Italian. ’ Taking English facts into account, Kayne argues for the idea that the expletive there is in fact a deictic originating within the so-called associate.

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