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Concerning the 3 traces That Strike Key issues: a proof of Thorough reduce With Direct Crossing Woven In by way of Dodrupchen III, Tenpa’i Nyima

The Dodrupchens are famous as one of many major holders of the Longchen Nyingthig lineage. the 1st Dodrupchen, Jigmey Thrinley Ozer was once an immediate disciple of Jigmey Lingpa. After spending decades with Jigmey Lingpa, he again to East Tibet and demonstrated a monastery at Dodrupchen. The 3rd Dodrupchen declared that he may write generally to be able to offer aid for transmission of the lineage. Later, he used to be recognized particularly for his writings in help of the system.

The textual content the following includes a educating given whilst he was once fairly younger and exhibits the level to which he understood the depths of the approach even at that early age. He was once requested to provide a few explanation of Garab Dorje’s 3 traces instructing and this article is the outcome. this article of the Dodrupchen’s is very fascinating since it used to be now not integrated within the unique accumulated Works of this Dodrupchen yet was once came upon a lot later and integrated basically in fresh variations of the accrued Works.

The 3 traces instructing is among the major ways in which Dzogchen view is transmitted nowadays. the 3 traces instructing is basically a instructing on Thorough minimize. this is often basically obvious from Patrul’s clarification of the educating in his textual content referred to as function of the fantastic, specialist King. in reality, Patrul’s textual content is a pithy presentation of ways that the Dzogchen lineage transmits the that means of Garab Dorje’s 3 Lines.

Dodrupchen’s clarification of the 3 strains educating is especially fascinating simply because, as he himself says, the instructing doesn't stick to the time-honoured kind of clarification of Garab Dorje’s educating. it really is transparent from interpreting the textual content that Dodrupchen was once explaining the topic from his personal recognition. This makes the textual content a very attention-grabbing supplement to a textual content like Patrul’s function of the professional, wonderful King and we might strongly suggest that the 2 be learn at the side of one another. furthermore, Dodrupchen’s causes conceal small print that aren't lined or no longer basically lined in Patrul’s textual content. it's for those numerous purposes that Lama Tony felt that this article will be translated and further to PKTC’s choice of texts made in particular for the sake of Dzogchen practitioners.

One of the good points of the transmission of Dzogchen in Tibet, as Lama Tony has skilled it individually, is that the instructing of Thorough lower is rarely particularly divorced from the instructing of Direct Crossing (thogal). for that reason, it's no shock that Dodrupchen doesn't cease simply with an evidence of Thorough reduce during this booklet yet maintains by means of displaying the way it connects to Direct Crossing after which supplies a brief instructing at the details of Direct Crossing.

The booklet includes the Dodrupchen’s textual content in English. It contains vast notes from Lama Tony to elucidate tough issues within the textual content, a whole word list to aid make clear the which means of the original terminology of the process, and the Tibetan textual content besides.

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The factor of ground appearances where the ability of rigpa to produce its own various thoughts and appearances taken as the practice by the Direct Crossing path is, in relation to making ground into the path, extremely rapid. Thus, this point of the profoundly special awarenesses of the two also is a very important key point of path. Again, in relation to the path of Great Completion, the paths of other unsurpassed mantra vehicles work the key points of the three of channels, drops, and winds, so great-bliss wisdom is factored in, but it is only a rough application that is involved.

There is a similarity in the way that both Great Completion and Kalachakra accomplish the two form bodies based on ““empty form””, but it is not guaranteed that all aspects of their paths are the same in all ways. In Great Completion’’s own path, the ground of shining forth, the path, the particulars of the essentials67, and so on, and the topics of path practice are not common but have many special, superior features. In Kalachakra, the ten signs68 are taught but the four lamps, the 67 ““Particulars of the essentials”” is the individual headings of the essential topics that comprise the whole classification of the path.

When the ability to produce them at the time of ground appearances has been completed in its entirety, inconceivable 65 For appropriation, see the glossary. Appropriation sets up the next samsaric birth, though in this case it sets up the birth of a deity. 66 Innermost Great Completion is the path of luminosity. Therefore, one of the many names it is given is Luminosity Great Completion. It is ““luminous path of Great Completion”” or ““luminous Great Completion’’s path”” as sometimes translated.

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