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Ajax was angry. He planned to wait for Odysseus to fall asleep and then kill him and steal the armor back. However, the goddess Athena was watching over Odysseus, and when she saw Ajax approaching, she put him under a spell. indd 41 9/18/08 9:37:30 AM CHAPTER 5 the army. When the spell ended and he realized what he had done, Ajax was so upset that he used Hector’s sword to kill himself. What actually happened to the armor is unsure. One myth states that it was buried with Ajax. Another states that Odysseus gave it to Achilles’ son, Neoptolemus.

H. html 2. R. shtml Chapter 3. From Disguise to War 1. Homer, The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles (New York: Penguin Books: 1990), Book 9, lines 497–505, p. 265. 2. Elder Philostratus, Younger Philostratus, Callistratus, translated by Arthur Fairbanks, Loeb Classical Library, Volume 256 (London, England: William Heinneman, 1931), Book 19, line 408. 3. Homer, Book 1, lines 136– 138, p. 81. 4. , Book 1, line 45. Chapter 5. The End of Achilles 1. Homer, The Odyssey, translated by Robert Fitzgerald (New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 1988), Book 11, lines 578–582, p.

Eventually, Achilles heard about this strong and fearsome woman. He began looking for her. When he spotted her, he did not hesitate to kill her. She was an amazing fighter, but no match for the mighty Achilles. As she was dying, he took off her armor and saw that this Amazon queen was young and extremely beautiful. The two looked into each other’s eyes and immediately fell in love. He regretted what he had done, but it was too late. The Assyrians Arrive The Trojans were also helped by the Assyrians, a group of people from what is now Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

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