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By Heike Kahlert, Fritz Scholz

Understanding acid-base equilibria made effortless for college students in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, environmental and earth sciences. fixing chemical difficulties, be it in schooling or in genuine existence, frequently calls for the knowledge of the acid-base equilibria in the back of them. in line with a long time of training adventure, Heike Kahlert and Fritz Scholz current a strong instrument to satisfy such demanding situations. they supply an easy consultant to the basics and purposes of acid-base diagrams, fending off advanced arithmetic. This textbook is richly illustrated and has complete colour all through. It deals studying positive aspects reminiscent of boxed effects and a set of formulae.

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Example: acid with log C H4 B ¼ À1 , pKa1 ¼ 2 , pKa2 ¼ 4 , pKa3 ¼ 7 and pKa4 ¼ 12 Fig. 29 Plotting the lines of H2 B2À for pH < pKa1 , pKa1 < pH < pKa2 , pKa2 < pH < pKa3 , pKa3 < pH < pKa4 and pH > pKa4 . Example: acid with log C H4 B ¼ À1, pKa1 ¼ 2, pKa2 ¼ 4, pKa3 ¼ 7 and pKa4 ¼ 12 32 3 Constructing pH-logci Diagrams Fig. 30 Plotting the lines of HB3À for pH < pKa1 , pKa1 < pH < pKa2 , pKa2 < pH < pKa3 , pKa3 < pH < pKa4 and pH > pKa4 . Example: acid with log C H4 B ¼ À1, pKa1 ¼ 2, pKa2 ¼ 4, pKa3 ¼ 7 and pKa4 ¼ 12 Fig.

Log C HCl ¼ À1). Of course, Eq. (49) must hold: cH3 Oþ ¼ cOHÀ þ cBÀ (49) This excludes the fact that the real pH is situated on the right side of the crossing point P1 in Fig. 32, as there the sum of cOHÀ þ cBÀ is always larger than cH3 Oþ . The real pH must be situated slightly left to P1, as the following reason shows. The overall H3 Oþ concentration is the sum of what was formed in reaction equation (1) and reaction equation (2). The concentration of OHÀ which has to be considered in Eq. (49) can at most be 10À13 mol LÀ1 (see the crossing point P3).

It also holds that the equilibrium concentration of HB is much larger than the equilibrium concentration of H3 Oþ , and thus Eq. (62) can be simplified and gives: cHB % cOHÀ (78) The pH of that sodium formate solution can be taken from the diagram as the pH-coordinate of the crossing point of the OHÀ and HB lines (point P1 in Fig. 39). 1 mol LÀ1. This makes it possible to simplify the amount balance in Eq. 1 Monobasic Acids and Their Corresponding Bases 45 Fig. , when the line of HB is situated to the left of the H3 Oþ line (cf.

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