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By Matthew MacDonald

Today's websites have to pop. Even weekend site owners could make their web site shimmy utilizing JavaScript, an easy but strong programming language. This transparent, jargon-free publication indicates you, with step-by-step directions, find out how to upload unfastened JavaScript courses to provide you menus that extend whilst a customer clicks on them, pictures that adjust with a mouse roll, and pages that reply to what a consumer kinds in.

This Mini lacking handbook is excerpted from making a site: The lacking Manual.

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Your scripts no longer look at your web page as a static block of XHTML. Instead, they see a combination of objects. Before you can manipulate an object on your web page, you need a way to uniquely identify it. That way, your code can find the object it needs. The best choice for identifying objects is the id attribute. Add this attribute to the start tag for the element you want to manipulate, and choose a unique name, as shown here:

Welcome to My Page

Once you give your element a unique ID, you can easily locate that object in your code, and have JavaScript act on it.

Of course, you need to define this style in an embedded or linked style sheet, or you’ll end up with the plain-Jane default formatting. Add Interactivity to Your Site: The Mini Missing Manual 31 innerHTML Lets you read or change the HTML inside an element. innerHTML is insanely useful, but it has two quirks. First, it allows all XHTML content, including text and tags. So if you want to put bold text inside a paragraph, you can set innerHTML to Hi. Special characters aren’t welcome—you need to replace them with character entities.

Add Interactivity to Your Site: The Mini Missing Manual 43 Dynamic XHTML gives you many ways to trick browsers into hiding text to create a collapsible page, and the next example shows one of the best. The technique revolves around the CSS display property. When you set this property to block, an item appears in the XHTML page in the normal way. But when you set it to none, the element disappears, along with everything inside it. The first ingredient in making a collapsible page is to create the function that performs the hiding and the showing.

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