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1 2 AH° 2 11 ± 1 r -26 ± 2 - 1 9 . 8 (pK = 3 . 0 5 ) 2 - 1 6 . 2 (pK = 1. SOy2 - 2 0 . /Spect. /Color. /Pot. /Pot. /Cond. /Pot. Method 6 12 16 15 36 36 21 21 25 Ref. A / / values are in kilocalories m o l e ; A S in calories m o l e K~ (entropy units); all data at 25°C. , calorimetric at ionic strength designated. For other abbreviations, seecfootnote b, Table 0I. (l Calorimetric AS" values calculated from pK values in parentheses. Calculated from data given in the reference. a 6 The Rhodizonic acid Croconic acid ~0 - 1 .

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