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source site The Phantom of Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery

Fortunately MARRIED for over a yr and extra in love than ever, Darcy and Elizabeth can’t think anythinginterrupting their bliss-filled days. Then an excessive storm from snow strands a gaggle of tourists at Pemberley, and terrifying injuries and mysterious deaths start to plague the manor. every body turns out confident that it's the paintings of a phan-tom—a Shadow guy who's haunting the Darcy family’s grand property.

Miss Hargreaves

While, at the spur of the instant, Norman Huntley and his good friend Henry invent an eighty-three-year-old girl known as pass over Hargreaves, they're encouraged to put up a letter to their new fictional buddy. it's only intended to be a foolish, risk free game—until omit Hargreaves arrives on their doorstep. She is, to Norman’s utter disbelief, precisely as he had imagined her: mesmerizing, eccentric, and eternally extraordinary.

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Peabody will be staying for some days at Alderley, the country seat of the Earl and Countess of Burford. His lordship is, of course, well known as the foremost collector of old weapons in England, and Mr. Peabody is anxious to inspect the Alderley collection - and to show Lord Burford one of his own prize possessions, which he recently purchased in Rome. 'Mrs. Peabody is here seen wearing her famous diamond necklace, which is insured for five hundred thousand dollars. It is perhaps fortunate that Alderley has one of the most elaborate burglar alarm systems in Britain.

Jane started down the slope. Another ten minutes' brisk walking and she came to the higher wall which flanked the park. Somewhere the other side of the wall she could hear the sound of a car engine, getting closer. It was noisier than the Rolls, and Jane wondered if it was Gerry in the Hispano-Suiza. She followed the wall until she came to a small door. She stopped, opened her bag, and took from it an old key. This had been given to her by Lord Burford many years previously - an act considered a special mark of esteem - and had been treasured by Jane ever since.

What it is, I don't know: gold, diamonds, oil. And I don't know in which one. But I do know that the Duchy is quite unable to take advantage of the discovery. She is weak, threatened from all sides, desperate for military aid. ' Zapopulous sat up. His voice grew higher. 'Some people in one of those little blue patches are sitting on a fortune. And they do not know it. Their land will shortly become immensely valuable. ' Bergsen nodded. 'If we knew who they were. ' 'You are quick, Bergsen. That is just what I want: ascertain what mineral has been discovered and the precise location of it.

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