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By Orson Scott Card

Alvin Miller, a proficient 7th son of a 7th son, makes use of his abilities as a Maker to assist create a brighter destiny for the US, yet his activity is extra challenged via his historic enemy, the Unmaker, who plots to finish Alvin's lifestyles.

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Or, failing that, those he could experiment with until he learned all that Alvin knew, and more. Calvin was wrong to have stayed here so long. Foolish to have kept hoping that he'd ever get any love or help from Alvin. I worshipped him, that was my mistake, thought Calvin. It took this boneheaded old fool to show me the kind of contempt that people have for me. Always comparing me to Alvin, perfect Alvin, Alvin the Maker, Alvin the virtuous son. Alvin the hypocrite. He does with his power just what I want to do– only he's so subtle about it that people don't even realize he's controlling them.

Taleswapper had no idea what was going to happen, but folks, I tell you, he was there, and anybody who tells you Taleswapper's got no knack, including Taleswapper himself, is a blame fool. Of course I mean that in the nicest possible way, as Horace Guester would tell you. So as I pick up my tale again that's the day I choose to start with, mostly because I can tell you from experience that nothing interesting happened during those long months when Alvin was still trying to teach a bunch of plain folks how to be a Maker like him instead of… well, all in time.

So maybe he could leave. But that still wouldn't be much of a search party. And why would they bother to search for him anyway? Alvin thought Calvin was a nothing. Not worth teaching. So how could he be worth following? My freedom was always just a few steps away, thought Calvin. All it took was my realizing that Alvin was never going to accept me as his true friend and brother. Taleswapper showed me that. I should thank him. Hey, I already gave him all the thanks he deserved. Calvin chuckled. Then he turned and headed back into the forest.

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