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By Gretchen D. Starr-Lebeau

A part of a sequence offering distinct details at the eras of pre-twentieth century the United States, this quantity contains articles masking headlines and headline makers, awards, achievements and different enlightening and enjoyable proof on early American civilization.

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Emblematic of the people's high regard for the sun and the sky, one large mound was crafted in the shape of a bird. Perhaps two thousand people lived at Poverty Point, and their diet had changed little from that of their Archaic predecessors—they still hunted and gathered. But their capacity for trade was much more developed. Located near the Mississippi River, traders imported chert, soapstone, and other minerals from northern regions in exchange for locally produced finished goods such as figurines, bowls, pipes, and tools.

As important as the Three Sisters" were, it is not surprising that they should figure prominently in Native American mythology. Iroquois oral tradition, for example, relates a story in which the Good Twin who created the earth made corn, but his antagonist, Sky Woman, fixed the kernels so that they had to be parched and ground in a mortar in order to be eaten. The Mississippian Choctaws told that corn had been dropped by a bird from the South and that it had been found by a little girl whose mother told her of the value of the plant.

When coupled with the natives' increased proficiency in hunting, the climatic changes triggered an important change in the Paleo environment. C. the big game animals that had dominated the landscape vanished. C. The demise of the woolly mammoths, mastodons, giant sloths, and giant bison and the retreat of the great North American icecap > forced Paleo-Indians to change the ways in which they fed, clothed, and organized themselves. They began to hunt smaller mammals and to supplement their diets with fruits, nuts, and grains that the women gathered.

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