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By W.W. Rowe

During this event tale, teenagers are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Amy and Gully have the ability to outwit their captors--only to gain that they could have made issues worse. yet appearances end up misleading. quickly they're given interactive exams concerning a paranormal motion picture monitor. the tale they see resembles the lifetime of Siddhartha (the younger Prince who finally turned the Buddha). finally, Amy and Gully realize that they're in a position to input the magic reveal and perform the motion picture itself! the children even meet and reduction the enlightened Prince in a deadly yet funny episode. Amy and Gully know about the interconnectedness of all existence, selfless compassion, and the facility of natural purpose. this can be an autonomous sequel to Amy and Gully in Rainbowland. This eye-catching ebook reads like a thriller.--Mindful Parenting

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Yes, Dorg. Sorry. ” Gully stuck out his tongue. “Bugs . . ” He lurched towards Dorg. ” Amy shouted. ” She staggered up to Ra. Clearing his throat, Gully shouted: “Kung . . ” As he reached out to push Dorg’s red button, Amy quickly pushed Ra’s. The Snoods, all eyes bulging, were frozen on the spot. Their rings stopped glowing. Their tentacles stopped waving. They stood there, motionless, like two glittery Christmas trees. “Amy! ” Gully smiled triumphantly. “Okay, you Snoods. Listen carefully.

As the golden man stepped forward, his leg stretched out through the air. Amazingly, it arched all the way over to Amy and Gully. Pulling up the other leg, he suddenly stood beside them. “Eee, Gully! ” Peals of musical laughter rang out once more. “Do not be afraid,” said the golden man. His voice was calm and pleasant. ” Gully asked. “You may call me Mala,” he answered. ” His piercing eyes shifted to the Snoods, who stood like silver statues near the wall. ” Amy wondered if he was angry because they had turned off the Snoods.

On the bed were two babies in pale blue garments. They lay side by side on cream-colored pillows with gold tassels. Behind the bed stood two other women, slowly fanning the air with long, silver paddles. One of the babies smiled peacefully in his sleep. “Look, Gully! ” Gully yawned. ” The other baby smiled too, but it was not a pleasant smile. His delicate lips curled back in a way that seemed almost evil. The woman in purple robes drew back, horrified. A tall, bearded man strode into the room.

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