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Best ancient civilizations books Life and Thought in the Ancient Near East

Meant for readers looking perception into the day by day lifetime of the various world's such a lot historic peoples, lifestyles and notion within the old close to East provides short, interesting explorations of key features of the civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Asia Minor, and Iran. With vignettes on agriculture, structure, crafts and industries, literature, faith, topography, and historical past, Orlin has created anything refreshingly designated: a latest guidebook to an historical global.

Mesopotamian Chronicles (Writings from the Ancient World)

All of the chronicle literature of old Mesopotamia from the early moment millennium to Seleucid instances is gathered during this English translation of Glassner’s Chroniques M? sopotamiennes (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 1993). In addition to revising and supplementing the French variation, this quantity presents transcriptions of the cuneiform and English translations of each instance of Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian chronographic literature as good as seminal essays at the style and on Mesopotamian historiography in normal.

The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History

Leopold vintage Library is thrilled to submit this vintage e-book as a part of our huge assortment. As a part of our on-going dedication to supplying price to the reader, we have now additionally supplied you with a hyperlink to an internet site, the place you'll obtain a electronic model of this paintings at no cost. the various books in our assortment were out of print for many years, and accordingly haven't been obtainable to most people.

Assur: The History and Legacy of the Ancient Assyrian Empire’s Capital City

*Includes pictures*Includes historical bills describing Assur and the Assyrians*Includes a bibliography for extra reading*Includes a desk of contents“All who pay attention the scoop of your destruction clap their fingers for pleasure. Did nobody break out your never-ending cruelty? ” - Nahum 3:19In northern Iraq, at the banks of the Tigris River, lie the ruins of the traditional urban of Aššur.

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