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By Angeliki Alvanoudi

In Grammatical Gender in interplay: Cultural and Cognitive Aspects Angeliki Alvanoudi explores the relation among grammatical gender in individual reference, tradition and cognition in sleek Greek dialog. the writer investigates the cultural and cognitive features of grammatical gender, through drawing on feminist sociolinguistic and non-linguistic ways, cognitive linguistics, study on linguistic relativity, experiences on individual reference in interplay and dialog research. The research awarded during this e-book exhibits that using grammatical gender contributes to the regimen success of sociocultural gender in interplay and that grammatical gender publications audio system' taking into consideration referents as lady or male on the time of talking.

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Besides semantic principles, morphological and phonological principles may also play an important role in gender assignment. g. g. otec ‘father’) according to the semantic distinction of sex (Corbett 1991, 34). g. g. g. vino ‘wine’) (Corbett 1991, 36). In other languages, gender assignment in nouns denoting inanimate referents may follow phonological principles. For example, in Katcha, a Kordofanian language, nouns beginning with m- are feminine, unless they have a male referent (Heine 1982, 200 cited in Aikhenvald 2000, 25).

For nouns that belong to different genders and denote inanimate objects both syntactic and semantic resolution is possible (example 31). fem καρέκλα είναι χαλασμένοι/ χαλασμένα. ’ However, if one of the nouns is neuter, semantic resolution is preferred, as shown in example 32 (see Chila-Markopoulou 2003 for more examples in Greek). pl στο πάτωμα. ’ Although the terms ‘functionally unmarked’ or ‘syntactic’ resolution may be useful in describing gender systems, they limit our perspective on the variety of the parameters involved in the use of gender.

In most Afroasiatic). 3 Grammatical Gender in Modern Greek In Modern Greek, the grammatical gender system is divided into three inflectional paradigms or declensions, which correspond to masculine, feminine and neuter (Triantafyllidis [1941] 2005), exemplified in 7. (7) Masculine Feminine Neuter o ουρανός η θάλασσα το βουνό o uranόs i θálasa to vunό ‘the sky’ ‘the sea’ ‘the mountain’ All nouns, adjectives, articles and passive participles, and certain pronouns and numerals are inflected for gender.

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