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IQ and psychometric exams are more and more utilized in recruitment and choice systems by way of businesses who are looking to determine they hire employees of the top quality. With 1000s of questions about verbal, numerical and spatial skill, reminiscence, creativity, and character, IQ and Psychometric assessments may also help task applicants weight their strengths and weaknesses and enhance their rankings. additionally it is thoroughly new, complete size IQ assessments. not only a instruction ebook, IQ and Psychometric exams also will attract someone who enjoys stretching their brain and workout their mind.

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Is to: as: is to: A B C D Answer: E Culture-fair intelligence tests 10. Which is the odd one out? A B C D E Answer: 35 36 3 Numerical calculation and logic As well as diagrammatic tests, numerical tests are regarded as being culture-fair to a great extent, as numbers are international. In addition to testing your powers of calculation, many of the tests in this chapter also test your powers of logic, and your ability to deal with problems in a structured and analytical way. We all require some numerical skills in our lives, whether it is to calculate our weekly shopping bill or to budget how to use our monthly income.

What two numbers should replace the question marks to continue the sequence? , ? Answer: 10. If Peter’s age + Paul’s age = 39 and Peter’s age + Mary’s age = 44 and Paul’s age + Mary’s age = 47 how old are Peter, Paul and Mary? Answer: 11. What numbers should replace the question marks? 4 5 28 7 3 70 14 14 9 28 ? 16 7 ? Answer: 12. What is 3/11 divided by 18/44 to the smallest fraction? Answer: 40 IQ and psychometric tests 13. What number should replace the question mark? 2 7 10 15 5 10 13 18 10 15 ?

95 Answer: Numerical calculation and logic 41 Test 2: Calculation and logic B This test is a further battery of 15 number puzzles designed to test your numerical ability. You have 60 minutes in which to solve the 15 puzzles. The use of a calculator is permitted in this test. 1. What number is three places away from itself plus 5, two places away from itself plus 4, three places away from itself less 3 and two places away from itself plus 2? 9 26 18 15 22 3 17 5 8 12 16 24 14 11 21 2. 1 6 7 19 2 10 13 20 4 16 Answer: If a car had increased its average speed for a 150 mile journey by 5 mph, the journey would have been completed in 1 hour less.

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