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This is especially the case in Canada and the Netherlands. So how similar have tax reform trends been to the “tax and growth” recommendations? This chapter showed to which degree OECD countries have followed strategies with regard to the composition of tax revenues and changes in statutory tax rates that are similar to those subsequently encapsulated in the “tax and economic growth” recommendations. This summary section will focus on main trends within the OECD instead of evaluating the tax reforms in each country.

5 percentage points only in Greece. 2. 6. 5 2005 2006 2007 2004 2003 2002 2001 1999 2000 1997 1998 1995 1996 1993 1994 1991 1992 1989 1990 1987 1988 1986 1985 1983 1984 1981 1982 1980 1978 1979 1976 1977 1975 0 Source: OECD (2009), Revenue Statistics 1965-2008. 3. Imputed rental income is not taxed under the income tax (except in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden), although this should be seen in the context of most countries levying property taxes. At the same time, mortgage interest payments can be deducted from the personal income tax base in many countries, but not in Canada, Germany, France (they became partly deductible in 2007) and the United Kingdom.

In Canada, France and Iceland, the personal income tax revenue share has increased considerably. ● There has been a continuously growing share of social security contributions, which by 2007 accounted for 25 per cent of total tax revenues, apart from France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain where the share has decreased. ● The share of the corporate income tax in total tax revenues has increased in the majority of the OECD countries. ● The share of taxes on consumption (general consumption taxes plus specific consumption taxes) has declined gradually, but the mix of taxes on goods and services has changed markedly towards the greater use of general consumption taxes, particularly VAT.

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