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By John Maddox Roberts

Blackmail, corruption, treachery, murder--the glory that used to be Rome.In this Edgar Award-nominated secret, John Maddox Roberts takes readers again to a Rome packed with violence and evil. Vicious gangs governed the streets of Crassus and Pompey, normally preying on plebeian and patrician alike, so the garroting of a lowly ex-slaved and the disembowelment of a international service provider within the risky Subura district appeared of little final result to the Roman hierarchy. yet Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger--highborn commander of the neighborhood vigiles--was made up our minds to enquire. regardless of professional apathy, brazen bribes, and sinister threates, Decius uncovers a global of corruption on the maximum degrees of his govt that threatens to damage him and the govt he serves.

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If he refuses, I shall make war upon him. " At this, the anti-Lucullan faction erupted in fury. For Lucullus to make war on a foreign ruler without a formal declaration from the Senate would be a serious breach, indeed. There were calls for his recall, even for his execution. At length Hortalus stood, and all fell quiet. By custom, neither Consul would speak until the Senate had its say. "Conscript Fathers, this is unseemly. " Like the lawyer he was, Hortalus began to tick off the cogent points.

His beard was long and drawn to a sharp point. He was an exotic creature, but it was a relief to see an easterner who was not trying to be a Greek. " and so on, for quite some time. Oriental effusiveness is a bore to a Roman, but I daresay easterners consider us churlish and uncultured in our direct bluntness. " "Ah, politics! " "No, I won't be eligible for another six years. This is not a matter of domestic politics, but of foreign policy. " He was vastly flattered, or pretended to be. Flinging his arms wide, he said, "Anything!

There would be nothing left but Parthia, which had given us no cause for belligerence. Besides, the Parthians fought as mounted archers, and it was doubtful that even a master tactician like Pompey could overcome them without terrible losses. We Romans excel in infantry and siege tactics, not in the lightning, will-o'-the-wisp campaigning of the steppe warriors. "Of the legality of General Lucullus's proposed penetration of Armenia"--a nice bit of 36 phrasing, I thought--"I shall refrain from speaking.

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